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Mental Health

How to Prevent Stress And Anxiety

by admin on 12:56 AM

Have more fun and live longer by learning how to prevent stress and anxiety in your life. We’ve all experienced it: a traffic jam that causes road rage to bubble to the surface; the pressures of deadlines and long hours at work; the challenges of juggling family and friends with work and other commitments; worries […]


Stress Relief Techniques

by admin on 4:42 AM

It is well known that exercise is one of many great stress relief techniques that bring numerous advantages and improvements to one’s physical health. But are you aware that exercise also affect one’s mental function and is beneficial when dealing with anxiety? In particular, those who suffer from stress and anxiety may find that taking […]


Benefits of Acupuncture

by admin on 6:55 AM

Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine that is an important type of treatment for those who seek a complementary and alternative medical approach. The Chinese medicine of acupuncture is popular for patients who suffer from cancer, AIDS, stroke, nausea, immune disorders, and substance abuse, to name a few. Benefits of acupuncture are numerous and varied. Based […]


We all have something that we are trying to achieve. We all want to be successful, whatever that may mean for each individual person. Even though the key to success isn’t the same for every person, there is one thing that is true across the board: there are certain good habits that can help each […]


Up until recently, I was convinced of my own out of body experiences and that I can legitimately have an out of body experience. But it is it possible? Am I really having these out of body experiences? How else would I explain the surreal phenomena of being able to observe myself from a perspective […]


The title of this article is “no matter where you go, there you are” because of, well, just that. There is no escaping yourself. No matter where you go, how much you try to escape, you will always be right there. Within the term health resides the root word HEAL. From the moment we are […]


What is health? Is health defined by the size of your muscles or the broadness of your shoulders? Is health defined by the longevity of a disease-free life? Is health defined by the quality of your life and how happy and stress-free your life is?  Exactly what does it mean to be healthy? Health can […]


What is “Health?”

by admin on 10:07 PM

In life we often search for answers before we fully understand our questions. For this reason, I believe it can be most helpful to identify and explore the premise of a question before jumping to conclusions. So exactly what is health? Health is defined in the English dictionary as the condition of being sound in […]

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