Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

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Your BMR, also know as basal metabbasal metabolic rate calculator Basal Metabolic Rate Calculatorolic rate, is the rate at which you burn calories at rest. So when you are just sitting on your couch watching TV, you are burning calories. Your basal metabolic rate is the calculation of those calories burned while you are at rest and not utilizing any energy (utilize the basal metabolic rate calculator at the bottom of the page to determine your bmr). The reason you burn calories at rest is because of what is going on inside your body. Your vital organs, such as the heart and lungs, need energy in the form of calories to function.

Utilize this basal metabolic rate calculator and see how many calories a day you are burning while at rest!

Your height, weight, age, and gender are used to calculate your bmr. Knowing your basal metabolic rate is very important in terms of weight loss. For example, if your bmr is calculated to be 1600 calories per day, then consuming anything less than that per day will result in weight loss and consuming anything more than that will result in weight gain. So if you only consume 1500 calories a day, that means you are at a 100 calorie per day deficit. And that’s before exercise and activities of daily life are added to the equation. You add on 500 calories a day from exercise and 400 calories more from doing activities of daily life such as simple chores around the house and walking to and from your car and you are at a 1000 calorie per day deficit (2 pounds per week!).  Now do you see how knowing your bmr via the bmr calculator below could be a valuable tool when starting a weight loss program?

Below is a basal metabolic rate calculator. Simply, enter your height, weight, age, and gender and click calculate to use it.

Basal metabolic rate calculator:


sharon thomas October 23, 2012 at 12:51 AM

Good post & thanks for sharing valuable information. The BMR is calculate the amount of calorie, when you sit ideal for whole day and not involved in any physical activity. The BMR may vary from one person to the other and normally decreases as your get older. Here I am suggesting site which is very useful for our reader

admin October 30, 2012 at 11:24 AM

There are many factors that affect bmr. Thanks for the post!

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