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BMI, also know as body mass index, is a number calculated from one’s height and weight (at the bottom of the page is a body mass index calculator). The formula for bmi is weight in kg/height in meters^2 (same formula used in the body mass index calculator).  BMI provides a reliable indicator of body weight and health for most people and can be used to screen for potentially dangerous weight categories. The reason that your bmi is important is because of the high correlation between being overweight and the potential risk for disease. Being in a healthy range of bmi lessens of your chances of many harmful diseases greatly.

Use this body mass index calculator to determine if you are in a healthy weight rangebody mass index calculator Body Mass Index Calculator

The categories of bmi are as follows:

Severely underweight: <15

Underweight: 15-16

normal (“healthy”): 18.5-25

Overweight: 25-30

Obese Class I: 30-35

Obese Class II: 35-40

Obese Class III: >40

I want you to realize that these numbers are very general and you could be perfectly healthy with a bmi of 15 or a bmi of 26. Some people are just naturally thicker and others are naturally very skinny. A major flaw in the bmi system is the lack of accounting for muscle mass. Most bodybuilders would be considered obese despite having a big muscle mass and only 5% body fat. So if you are a bodybuilder with extra muscle mass than the average person, then your bmi is not an accurate assessment of your health. A better assessment would be to measure your body fat percentage with calipers. If you are a normal adult, however, and don’t have a huge muscle mass, your bmi is very good, cheap way to measure your health.

Below is a body mass index calculator. Simply enter your height and weight and hit calculate to use it.

Body mass index calculator:


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