Countdown Workout With Killer Ab Exercises

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countdown workout plus ab exercises Countdown Workout With Killer Ab ExercisesThis workout will really test you as it is extremely intense. It is designed to get you ripped and in shape as it will demand a lot from you from a cardiovascular standpoint. Make sure to take as few breaks as possible during this countdown workout. Also included in addition to the countdown workout are 3 killer ab exercises designed to help you build a strong and ripped core.

Get into awesome shape with the “countdown” workout plus killer ab exercises

The countdown plus abs workout consists of 3 exercises: deadlifts, hang cleans, and ab exercises.

To complete the “countdown” portion of the workout, you will be cycling between the dead-lifts and hang cleans by completing 10 reps followed by 9 reps followed by 8 reps and so on for each exercise. You will be using two separate weights for each exercise.

So for example, if I were to do deadlifts I would get 2 bars with one equaling 185 pounds and the other, 135 pounds (you’ll be using 2 separate bars so that you don’t have to adjust the weight between sets which would take too long for this workout).  I would do 185 pounds  for 10 reps of deadlifts, then immediately do 135 pounds for 9 reps of deadlifts, and then 185 pounds for 8 reps of deadlifts, and then 135 pounds for 7 reps of deadlifts, and so on until I get down to one rep. There is no rest in this workout.

After you were to complete the deadlifts portion of the workout, you would then do the same thing for hang cleans. countdown workout deadlifts Countdown Workout With Killer Ab Exercises

So listed below is the hang cleans/deadlifts countdown workout.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps

Hang cleans and Deadlifts

  • As shown in the example above, first complete the deadlifts countdown, then do the hang cleans countdown.

After completing the hang cleans and deadlifts’ countdown, complete the following killer ab exercises listed below 3 times with a 30 second rest between sets. Do not rest between the ab exercises.

  • Abs Exercise #1 – 15 Knees to elbows
  • Abs Exercise #2 – 30 Sit-ups
  • Abs Exercise #3 – 30 Heels to the Heaven


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