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Exercise Calculator

Estimate your calories with this exercise calories burned calculator This exercise calories burned calculator is a very good tool to use if you performed some exercise for an extended period of time and do not know exactly how many calories you burned. This fitness calculator is designed for moderate intensity exercise for the average adult. […]

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Weight Loss Calculator

by admin on 8:16 AM

This is a great weight loss calculator to estimate your what your caloric intake/expenditure must be for you to lose weight. Just input your age, height (in ft/inches or centimeters), your weight (in pounds or kilograms), your daily activity level, how much weight you wish to lose, and how many days you wish to accomplish […]

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Daily Calorie Counter

by admin on 7:44 AM

Are you curious about the amount of calories there are in the foods that you eat? Utilize the daily calorie counter below to take control of your diet and become aware about just how many calories you eat every day! Just type in the food and hit search. This calorie counter calculator has a complete […]

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Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

by admin on 6:48 AM

Your BMR, also know as basal metabolic rate, is the rate at which you burn calories at rest. So when you are just sitting on your couch watching TV, you are burning calories. Your basal metabolic rate is the calculation of those calories burned while you are at rest and not utilizing any energy (utilize […]

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Body Mass Index Calculator

by admin on 6:38 AM

BMI, also know as body mass index, is a number calculated from one’s height and weight (at the bottom of the page is a body mass index calculator). The formula for bmi is weight in kg/height in meters^2 (same formula used in the body mass index calculator).  BMI provides a reliable indicator of body weight […]

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