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There are a lot of factors that go into increasing strength and power. Ranging from the location of the individuals muscles allowing for a biomechanical advantage to the arrangement of the muscle fibers and psychological factors, there are many different reasons that allow for discrepancy in strength. For the sake of this article, however, I am […]


Often times, looks can be deceiving. For example, I am sure you have experienced a scenario similar to this: One day you are working out and you see a huge guy that is ripped out of his mind. As he goes to squat, you are waiting eagerly for him to start lifting an astronomical amount […]


Hormonal Response to Exercise

Hormonal effect of lifting weights

by admin on 1:39 PM

There is a great hormonal response to exercise. Hormones are substances secreted from a tissue that cause a biological response on itself or other cells. Hormones play a huge role in human functioning and play crucial roles in regulating growth, development, and reproduction. Hormones also increase the human body’s ability to withstand psychological and physical […]


Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

by admin on 12:25 AM

Pregnancy is a time of growth and change. This is true for the mind as well as the body. As a woman’s body nurtures a new being, she can go through a range of new sensations and emotions. Although not all activity is recommended for women when they are pregnant, pregnant women may perform safe exercise […]


Best Ways To Quit Smoking

by admin on 4:31 PM

In a fast paced society where time seems to fly right by, often times people turn to smoking as an outlet to their stress. The negative effects of smoking are pretty well known so I won’t go into the specific details of the negative effects of smoking. If you are a smoker who smokes frequently […]


Ten Tips to Improve Your Health

by admin on 3:36 PM

Improving your health with fitness is paramount for our well being. A good fitness plan can ensure you lead a healthy and fulfilling life, and even though fitness can often be grueling, it pays off in the long run in more ways than one. Here are ten tips on how to improve your health. Improve Your Health […]


Tips for Bulking up the Right Way

by admin on 9:31 PM

I hear so many talking about bulking up without really understanding what it means. Often times when people are in the process of bulking up, they are really just becoming fat because they consume so much garbage and excess calories. Instead of the excess calories turning into muscle, they just turn into fat. There are […]


So you have been going to the gym for hours and hours on end but are not getting results.. or you work so hard but feel so tired and drained all the time.. or you are not getting out of your workouts what you feel you are putting in.. these are classic signs of overtraining. […]

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So you are into working out and you are wondering to yourself: How long should you workout for? There is no right answer to this question as it varies from person to person and fitness level. It also varies in regards to what you are doing and how intense your workouts are. This question would […]


So you’re new to weight lifting or you have been lifting for a while now and are still a little confused about how much you should be working out. You are asking yourself the question of “How many times a week should I work out to achieve my fitness goals?” and would like to find […]