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This health tip of the day is focusing on taking charge of your life.

Take Charge of Your Life With This Health Tip of the Day

Taking charge of your life means taking charge of your time.  We go through days, weeks, months and years without even realizing that time is our most valuable gift.  In order to optimize our most valuable asset of time, we have to rearrange our life in such a way that we use time in the most rewarding way tip of the day take charge Health Tip Of The Day | Take Charge Of Your Life

Make a timeline of your life and mark the place you are at now and make a plan!  How do you want to use your time for the rest of your life? Time is an asset we can never get enough of. There are so many things to experience, but as life takes over and time flies by, we don’t experience these things. Positive experiences are what makes life more enjoyable. The more positive experiences, the better the life experience will be. Stop putting things off and experience all that life has to offer.

The cardiac rhythm of the heart beats one-third of the time, and rests the other two-thirds. Therefore, if we were to follow suit and mimic our heart, which is our life giving organ, we could do the same. Our day is 24 hours long and can be divided into 3 phases. We work 8 hours, sleep 8 hours, and have another 8 hours of free time. These 8 hours can be used to for life-revitalizing experiences.

Eliminate all the time wasters of your life.

Time wasters are those things we spend time on without getting rewarded for. For example, often times we buy things that we don’t really need. This can cause us to have guilt every time we look at this unused item sitting there on the shelf – how many times did you dust it, move it, rearrange it and store it, etc…. If you don’t need something, get rid of it, and try to avoid buying and acquiring things that are unnecessary and provide nothing positive in your life.

Time allocation is key. Allocate your time in a positive way so you can experience the greatest gift of all: Life.

Utilize this health tip of the day and take control of your life!

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