Health Tip of the Day 7 | Be More Accepting and Loving

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This health tip of the day is about being compassionate, loving, and accepting towards others. It is important to accept people for what they are and the beauty that each and every one of us contains. So often times we try to change each other for our selfish preferences. We consider other people as objects instead of subjects and try to control of just letting be. This is apparent in relationships, friendships, parent-to-child relationships, and many other instances. This inevitable creates a feeling of not being okay as is. Once we all realize that we are all okay just the way we are, existence for all of us will be much more peaceful and tip of the day spread love not fear Health Tip of the Day 7 | Be More Accepting and Loving

The Health of the Day | Accept And Love People For What They Are

A huge part of appreciating life is to have sympathy and compassion for one another. We are so quick to judge others for certain decisions and choices that they make without realizing that he or she could be us. We are all one decision/impulse away from being what we hate in others. When we realize this, it makes it a lot easier to be accepting and loving, which is a huge part of health. When we are filled with hate and resentment towards others, it causes us to be in a bad place. When we realize that we are all not much different from one another, and that most of us will be on both ends of most situations in our lifetimes, it makes life a lot easier, and a lot “healthier.” We are often so focused on physical health that we forget to focus on our mental and emotional health. I am personally just as guilty of this, and for me personally, the more accepting I am of other people’s choices that I don’t agree with, the “healthier” I am and the more enjoyable my life is. Many people believe that there are only 2 emotions in the world: love and fear. Instead of enforcing the emotion of fear and the feeling of not being okay as is, start spreading the emotion of love. Start the ripple effect. When people see the beauty in the love that your spreading, they will be much more inclined to do so as well. This health tip of the day is one that can greatly improve quality of life beyond material wealth and physical well being.


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