Health Tip Of The Day | Why Being Overly Positive May Be Detrimental To Your Health

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I know this might sound odd but this health tip of the day is about not being overly positive. Our society conditions us to believe that our negative emotions are not okay and that in every situation, we must be positive. This mindset often causes us to repress many of our emotions and bury them deep in our unconscious mind. We start to dis-identify from many of our unfavorable emotions and treat them as if they are not apart of us. When we do this we temporarily “solve” the problem, but when we push “unfavorable” parts of us away that we want to dis-identify with, we push parts of ourselves tip of the week it is okay to feel sad Health Tip Of The Day | Why Being Overly Positive May Be Detrimental To Your Health These negative emotions that we push to the side will inevitably show up in more destructive ways when we least expect it. They will come back two-fold causing us to feel overwhelmed and a loss of control, making us do things that we regret. In order to grow and promote a healthy state of mind and overall well being, we have to understand that every emotion we have is natural and normal and that when we repress our negative emotions, we are, in essence, only allowing half of the human realm of emotion to exist. To be human means to experience both negative and positive emotions. It means to experience fear, anger, jealousy, pain, etc. as well as happiness, compassion, love, joy, etc. We cannot control our emotions so we should not feel bad, guilty, or ashamed when we experience certain emotions.

Utilize this health tip of the day to realize that it is okay to feel negative emotions and that it is not always a good thing to be overly positive.

When you start to feel an unfavorable emotion, do not fight it. Realize that this feeling is a part of you. Do not be drowned by or terrorized by this feeling, but do not reject it either. Instead of pushing this emotion away, face it head on with care, compassion, and non-violence. If you approach these emotions this way, you can transform them into a positive energy that is nourishing and healthy for your overall well being. Once the worst of the negative emotion passes and you release that feeling and let it go, you will be able to think clearly. When you are able to think clearly, look deeply into the feeling of that emotion even after it is gone. By looking deeply you will find many reasons that cause that emotion. When you identify these causes you will know what to do and what not to do to be able to transform these feelings so that you can be set free.


In summary, this health tip of the day is about learning to fully experience what it  to be human and how that encompasses both negative and positive emotions. And while being positive is a good thing, being overly positive may not to be as beneficial as we are told it is. If you have any questions or comments about this health tip of the day, leave a comment or send us an email at

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