How to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

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Want to learn how to lower your cholesterol levels? This article will show you 6 different ways in which you can lower your cholesterol levels. Cholesterol, despite popular belief, is not all negative. Cholesterol is actually extremely important for optimal health and has many very important functions in the body. To learn all about cholesterol and what cholesterol’s actual function in the body is, read the article “what is cholesterol?”

Lifestyle changes to help you lower your “bad” cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and raise your “good” cholesterol (HDL cholesterol):

1. Decrease the saturated and trans fats (bad fats) in your diet to help lower you bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol)
◦ Saturated fats are found in red meat and full-fat dairy products, such as whole milk, ice cream, cheese, and butter
◦ Trans fats are found in fast foods, fried foods, and some packaged snack foods and baked products, such as cookies, cakes, and chipsfruits and vegetables can help lower your cholesterol How to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

2. Increase the amount of fiber in your diet to decrease your bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and increase your good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol)
◦ Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, oats, and whole grain foods, such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and quinoa

3. Increase your physical activity to increase your HDL cholesterol
◦ participating in activities that increase your heart rate, such as walking, jogging, biking, hiking, and dancing, can help increase your “good” cholesterol levels; utilize physical activity and be the healthiest person you can be.

4. Lose weight to increase your HDL cholesterol and lower your LDL cholesterol
◦ If you are overweight, losing weight can help to decrease your “bad” cholesterol and increase your “good” cholesterol.

5salmon can help lower cholesterol How to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels. Increase the amount of healthy/good fats (omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats) in your diet
◦ Omega-3 fatty acids are found in salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines, lake trout, flaxseed, and walnuts
◦ Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are found in olive oil, canola oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, and nut butters

6. Stop smoking
◦ if you currently smoke, quitting smoking can help to raise your “good” cholesterol. Smoking is known to have a negative effect on HDL cholesterol levels so by quitting smoking, you will improve your cholesterol levels.


If you have any questions regarding these health tips to help you lower your “bad” ldl cholesterol and raise your “good” hdl cholesterol, do not hesitate to ask. Either leave a comment in the “comment box” or email us at

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