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Intense ab workout video medicine ball passes Intense Ab Workout VideoThis intense ab workout is a great core strengthening workout. This workout is designed to do with a partner so if if you have a partner, then you have an ab workout! Actually, you will also need a medicine ball and an elastic band (almost all gyms have them). This abs workout consists of very intense abs exercises and will push your core to the max. Combined with a good diet, this ab workout is a great way to get those washboard abs. Perform this intense ab workout as instructed and if at any point in the workout you feel like you can’t go on, take a break. It is okay to call it a day and come back the next day ready to work hard again. Listed below for your convenience is the ab workout video in written form. Watch this killer ab workout video and print the ab workout below and go get that ripped six pack!

Grab a partner and complete this intense partner ab workout!

The intense ab workout video in written form:

Directions: Grab a buddy and complete the following abs exercises listed below as a circuit. After completing the circuit, take a 1 minute rest, and repeat for a total of 2-3 sets.

The Abs Exercises:

– Ball Toss (Until Someone’s feet touches the ground)

– Medicine Ball Pass – 30 passes

– Same Side Plank Pull – 10 reps (repeat on the opposite side for 10 reps)

– Cross Body Plank Pull (with forearm on floor) – 1o reps (repeat on opposite side for 10 reps)

– Figure 8 Medicine Ball Toss – 3o tosses

– Sit-up Medicine Ball Toss – 30 tosses

– Cross Body Plank Pull (With open palm this time) – 10 reps (repeat on opposite side for 10 reps)

– Lateral Plank Walk High Fives – 10 High Fives

– Buddy Bridge Plank – 10 Bridge Climbs (Switch spots with buddy and repeat for 10 reps)

– Elastic Sit-up – 10 reps

– Elastic Sit-up Hold – Hold for as long as you can

– Mason Twists – 1 minute

Take a minute break and repeat the above abs exercises again!

After completing the abs workout video,  jump rope for one minute, ride the stationary bike for 5 minutes, and stretch!




Sharjah January 30, 2013 at 11:54 AM

Thank you for sharing this video to the public! I will definitely try this out with my workout buddy. I will also incorporate other ideas I learned also plus with my background in Kinesiology. 🙂

admin January 30, 2013 at 12:29 PM

Glad to hear.. let us know how the workout goes!

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