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Shown is below is a tricep superset workout video that is great for really taking your triceps workout to the next level. The idea of this killer tricep workout is to work your muscles past the initial point of exhaustion. This allows for further recruitment of muscle fibers allowing you to further breakdown your triceps. This killer tricep workut is great for muscular hypertrophy and will really cause you to gain size. The idea of a super set is to work muscle fibers that wouldn’t normally be recruited. When you perform a typical set of 8-12 reps, you do not hit all the muscle fibers. By adding another set after taking 10-30% of the weight off, you allow yourself to hit the reserve muscle fibers that you would not normally be working, thus, promoting growth.

Follow the steps below to completing the killer tricep workout!

To perform the tricep superset workout below, you will be doing a series of 4 “sets” of 10 reps.

1. You will first perform 10 reps of triceps push-downs.killer tricep workout cable triceps pushdown Killer Tricep Workout | Tricep Superset

2. Lower the weight and then perform 10 reps of reverse triceps push-downs.

3. You will then raise the weight, but make it less weight than your first 10 reps of triceps push-downs as you will be more fatigued at this point (you will be able to do more weight for triceps push-downs than reverse triceps push-downs).

4. Perform 10 more reps of triceps push-downs.

5. You will then lower the weight one last time (you will most likely have to make the weight lower than your first 10 reps of reverse triceps push-downs because at this point you will be spent!).

6. Perform your last 10 reps of reverse triceps push-downs.

For all the reps make sure to use good form throughout and use slow and controlled movements. If you start to feel your form getting worse, simply lower the weight to allow you to perform the exercise with good form (I was stubborn in the video and wanted to finish the exercise without lowering the weight when my form started to slip so don’t be like me! haha)

Triceps Superset Workout Video Below:


If you have any questions regarding this killer tricep workout, do not hesitate to ask!

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