No Matter Where You Go There You Are

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The title of this article is “no matter where you go, there you are” because of, well, just that. There is no escaping yourself. No matter where you go, how much you try to escape, you will always be right there.

Within the term health resides the root word HEAL. From the moment we are born into physical form, we are involved in a continuous natural process of growing and healing. Western culture tends to place a heavy emphasis on growth and activity while overlooking the essential qualities of rest and recovery. In this way, our society has grown out of balance in such a way that can be observed in every aspect of our social systems, from our economic health to our physical health as well as the condition of our relationships. While these imbalances can be quite effortless to notice and criticize all around us, it can become easy to overlook who is actually doing all the noticing and criticizing. At these times when negativity seems to inhabit our outer worldspace, it is vital that we turn inwards to notice what is inhabiting our inner worldspace. After all, too much exercise without proper recovery eventually leads to plateaus and burnout.

no matter where you go there you are No Matter Where You Go There You AreI was recently blessed to be able to attend a silent 10 day meditation retreat in northern Arizona. Prior to the experience, I was feeling very distracted by the fast pace of modern life. I felt as though I could never get quality time to myself, between my work schedule, my relationships, and my extracurricular activities, and I really wanted to “get away” from it all. So, for 10 consecutive days, I sat with myself silently, without any of the apparent “distractions” mentioned above, so that I could possibly discover a sense of inner peace and calm. During the 10 days, I was to abstain from the use of electronics of any kind, as well as all verbal communication and physical contact with other human beings while I turned my attention inward, away from the external politics of my reality.

There is no escape because no matter where you go, there you are.

As I began to notice the activity in my mind, I soon realized that the only true distraction from my Self was myself. There are no outer distractions. I started to realize that  no matter where you go, there you are. I had become so accustomed to listening to and identifying with my thoughts that I had forgotten how to listen to and identify with my body, the very vehicle through which I experience every sensation that forms my reality. I had forgotten how to FEEL life in and through this body.

Being raised as an athletic competitor throughout my life, my focus had become so performance-oriented that I lost touch with the actual experience of being alive in this body. Seeking to prove myself to coaches, peers, and family throughout my life had created a habit pattern of approval seeking that could never be completely satisfied. Finally, I was forced to see my own denial of my Self, in the precise way that it had played out unconsciously during every day and every moment of my life. It was not pretty, and it hurt more deeply than any max rep burnout set could.

Emerging from this experience has allowed me to see myself more clearly as I am. I have no one left to blame for my condition, for I create my reality in every moment of this life. Since my body is the container for my life, I no longer need to objectify and judge its appearance, but rather honor and listen to its wisdom. It What does health mean to you No Matter Where You Go There You Areis always willing to share so long as I am willing to tune in. During this experience, I have learned that strength and flexibility must be in balance for a healthy body. Balance of mind and patience of heart allow for pain to move through us during times of growth rather than injure our selves. Pleasure and pain rise and pass, and the ability to progress can be measured by the ability to peacefully endure.

Regardless of your path to health, consider devoting as much time to your inner world as you do to your outer world in order to watch them both transform. They are both very real and co-create one another in every moment. Meditation is a simple technique that can tune you into your inner guide at any time. Simply close your eyes and notice what is taking place inside. Be patient with yourself. Gently begin to feel the vibrations inside your body and notice your breath. The more patient and persistent you are, the more deeply relaxing and insightful your meditation will be.

Know that all change comes from within and that any attachment you have to the material world you perceive around you is preventing you from growing in a healthy way. Know that your world does not exist without you, so if you really want to know the truth of your world, learn the truth of your Self. Realize that there is no escape and that no matter where you go, there you are…. always. Focus your attention away from all that you do not possess to all that you do. After all, health and happiness go hand in hand. What is driving your motivation in life and in fitness? Are you exercising, eating, growing, resting, and recovering out of kindness and compassion towards your self or out of hatred and criticism? Do you find your self more at peace within your self as you progress or more irritable and critical towards your body? Why do you get up everyday and live your life? Is it out of love or out of fear?



Sumon Ahmed September 30, 2012 at 10:15 AM

Thanking you for the one of the best post about health.
Actually, Heal is the most important and invaluable things, and all of we always want to be healthy and fit to lead a healthy life. And for the reasons we have to maintain some rules, Accept somethings and avoid something.

admin October 30, 2012 at 11:24 AM

I agree. Health is very valuable and takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and belief in the process. Thanks for the post!

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