Out of Body Experience: Is it Possible?

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Up until recently, I was convinced of my own out of body experiences and that I can legitimately have an out of body experience. But it is it possible? Am I really having these out of body experiences? How else would I explain the surreal phenomena of being able to observe myself from a perspective apparently outside of myself? What could possibly characterize this profound self-consciousness, seemingly allowing me to transport my mind’s attention to a completely different location than my physical body? Today, I had a sudden epiphany. I realized that in fact my body and myself cannot be separated. My body is the receptor through which all my experiences flow through, only my awareness is not always present to notice this.

In fact, most of the time, my awareness is focused on my thoughts, clinging to them like a magnet and following them around like a desperate lover. My body just acts as a utility to contain my mind and quite literally, carry out my thoughts; just another identification I like to consider a “part of me.” If I do not think about “it”, my body might as well disappear to me, for if it does not exist in my mind, it does not seem to exist at all.

You see, our bodies are constructed of cells, and our cells store our DNA. Our cellular memory contains every experience we are alive for. Therefore, our bodies are not just a part of us, nor are they simply a container for our personalities. Our bodies are like a living memory of our entire life experience. Tuning into our body includes becoming aware of our entire body, not just the “head” department.

Can the Mind and Body be Separated? Is an Out of Body Experience Possible?

are out of body experiences possible Out of Body Experience: Is it Possible?If you sit in complete stillness without engaging in any conscious activity, what happens? Do you feel movement? What do you notice? Are you present with your body? Are you present AS your body? Are you content with yourself? Are you content AS yourself? Are you experiencing this moment in your body or out of your body? Where are you right NOW? Who are you in this moment?

Try applying this awareness to your daily activities, including exercise. Notice the shift in your presence when you live through your body, as your body, rather than simply with your body as a utility. Feel free to share your experience. Your feedback could help others in their journey of self-awareness and personal development.

If you have any questions regarding this article and any topic relating to an out of body experience, do not hesitate to ask!

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