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This week’s recipe of the week is baked fish in foil.. This is one of my favorite recipes and can be made with a variety of different types of fish but for this specific recipe, I am going to use tilapia. This baked fish in foil recipe is very healthy, not to mention it tastes […]

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Delicious Vegetarian Chili Recipe

by admin on 10:22 AM

The recipe of the week for this week is vegetable chili. This is a delicious and simple way to have an awesome meal. Although this is a vegetarian chili  recipe, feel free to add your favorite meat to it whether it be ground beef, shredded chicken, ground turkey, etc. The recipe is designed to make […]

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Healthy Baked Salmon Recipe

by admin on 3:42 AM

Need a healthy baked salmon recipe?! Listed below is the recipe for delicious baked salmon. Simply follow the directions below and be on your way to making a really great tasting dish that everyone will love. This recipe is not very complicated and only requires a few basic ingredients.  Salmon is a great source of […]

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Best Turkey Meatballs Recipe

by admin on 3:26 AM

Listed below are the ingredients and directions for making turkey meatballs. I have tried many different recipes, but this is by far the best turkey meatballs recipe I have ever used. And not only is it delicious, it is also extremely healthy. With the combination of its high source of protein and its array of […]

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Do you find protein bars to be too expensive? Do you find protein bars to taste like dirt? If you answered yes to these questions you are not alone. Protein bars can be very expensive and even when they are severely over priced, many of them taste very poorly too. No worries though because here […]

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