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Secret To Six Pack Abs

How Long To Get Six Pack Abs

by admin on 1:10 AM

So how long will it take to get six pack abs? Well this one depends on many factors. How long it can take you to achieve your six pack abs depends on your body fat percentage. So if you are wondering how long it will take to get six pack abs, the answer is that […]


The Truth About Six Pack Abs

by admin on 5:44 AM

There are multiple false claims made my many marketers and fitness enthusiasts about how to acquire six pack abs. Learn about how acquiring a six pack really works and what you need to do to achieve your goal. Read below and discover the truth about six pack abs! Truth #1 – You cannot get abs […]


Below is the intense ab workout. This workout will really engage the core and I personally consider it to be the overall best core workout. This is an advanced abs workout that will push your abdominal to the limit. This core workout consists of a circuit of 6 ab exercises. Perform each ab exercise until […]


Great Abs Workout Video

by admin on 6:28 AM

This is a great abs workout that will really push your abs to the limit. It consists of a series of 5 supersets of ab exercises. A superset of abdominal exercises means to do multiple abs exercises back to back with no rest between each of the individual core exercises. This will be explained further […]


This workout will really test you as it is extremely intense. It is designed to get you ripped and in shape as it will demand a lot from you from a cardiovascular standpoint. Make sure to take as few breaks as possible during this countdown workout. Also included in addition to the countdown workout are […]


Killer Ab Workout

by admin on 10:21 PM

Need a great workout that will really push your abs to the limit? The workout video will give you an killer ab workout that you will probably feel for days. It consists of 12 different exercises to be completed in succession (although you may take a break if you need to). If you have any […]