What is a drop set workout?

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I am assuming you have heard somewhere about a “drop set” and how it has so many great benefits. So what is a drop set? A drop set consists of doing an exercise at a certain weight, let’s say bench press at 185 pounds. So after you do whatever amount of reps you are doing for your workout (for this example we will say 5 reps) you strip some weight off, then do another set, then strip some more weight and do another set, then strip some more weight off, than do another set. So for this example you would perform 5 reps of 185 pounds, then take off 20 pounds and perform 165 pounds 5 reps, then take off another 20 pounds and perform 5 reps of 145 pounds, then take off another 20 pounds and perform 5 reps of 125 pounds. This example was for bench press but it can be done for every exercise and has great benefits for every exercise.

What are the benefits of a drop set workout?

what is a drop set workout What is a drop set workout? The reason it is so beneficial is because it works muscle fibers that would not normally be activated. When you workout normally, certain muscle fibers are activated constantly, but some muscle fibers do not get activated. When you perform a drop set, you force all the “sneaky” muscle fibers to activate and get bigger. By adding a drop set workout every now and then, you will promote hypertrophy, or in simpler terms, your muscles will get bigger in size.

Click below for the drop set workout video. Drop set workouts are a great way to switch up your exercise routine and get over the hump of stubborn plateaus.  Starting with heavier weights and moving down to lighter weights without resting is the basis of a drop set workout. The workout video shown is for a dumbbell bench press but can be done for every exercise. Drop sets are very high intensity and should be used sparingly. The science behind drop sets is that they allow for more muscle fiber recruitment, thus, causing for additional muscle breakdown and as a result, great muscle growth. Since drop set workouts cause such a breakdown in the muscle, it is important that you allow ample time for rest and recovery.

The drop set workout video is below.


I hope this answered your question of “what is a drop set?” and hopefully you’ll add it to your workout regimen and receive all of its great benefits. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

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