What is “Health?”

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In life we often search for answers before we fully understand our questions. For this reason, I believe it can be most helpful to identify and explore the premise of a question before jumping to conclusions. So exactly what is health? Health is defined in the English dictionary as the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit and a flourishing condition of well being. The concept of health and what health means to you may not be something you have given much thought or consideration to, but if you sit with the question long enough, you may find some interesting and insightful answers, as well as a more clear direction with your own health. What exactly is health? Is health important to you and why? Also, what does health look and feel like to you? Ask yourself the question of “what is health?” and figure out what health means to you.

What does health mean to you? What does it feel and look like?

what is health to you What is Health?In a broad sense, human health is comprised of our physical organic bodies, multidimensional minds, deeply rooted emotions, and expansive spirits. Human health is considered to be a “condition” because it is so incredibly transient. The environment we create for ourselves and the boundaries we do or do not set directly influence the condition of our health. Human health is therefore not simply a destination, but a journey in and of itself. It is a continual self awareness that guides both our informed and intuitive choices in life. Human health is in many ways the development of human potential.

Keeping this very loose definition in mind, health is also a form of freedom. Because health can be so obscure and complex, each individual can create their own meaning for personal health and live according to those values. At a fundamental level, holistic health is essentially a measure of how satisfied one is with his or her life experience. How satisfied are you with the way your body, mind, and spirit feel right now? Your answer is a good starting point for determining you own health.

In my experience, human beings associate feelings with every desire. Our desire to be healthy is a reflection of our desire to basically feel positive. It is for this reason that when considering our health and what that means, that we consider our feelings and what they mean. What are your feelings around food and nutrition? What are your feelings about your body and self image? What are your motivations for creating health or disease in your life? Many people expect a positive shift in self esteem as a result of improving their health. This is a promise that the health and fitness industry uses to promote itself. Often what is not considered is that the shift in self esteem may need to come first for the condition of health to be sustainable. After all, why would anyone invest so much time and energy into themselves if they didn’t in fact love and value themselves?

As you explore this website and the many valuable resources in it regarding health and fitness, identify a purpose beneath your exploration. Remind yourself of your own value and check in with how you feel about all aspects of your life experience. Ripped abs are a great indication of low body fat and a healthy core, but they certainly do not have to be an indication of what health might mean to you. Discover health for your self. Include both stimulating and relaxing activities in your daily regimen, and be sure to incorporate a balanced composition of nutrition, exercise, sleep, meditation, and any practice which you discover to promote human health for your self.

discover and explore health and what it means to you What is Health?Hopefully after reading this article you have a better idea of how to answer the question of “What is health?” as it relates to you.

Cheers to Health.


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Sam Maman November 12, 2011 at 4:40 PM

I enjoyed the artcle very much.
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