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Shown is below is a tricep superset workout video that is great for really taking your triceps workout to the next level. The idea of this killer tricep workout is to work your muscles past the initial point of exhaustion. This allows for further recruitment of muscle fibers allowing you to further breakdown your triceps. […]

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What is a drop set workout?

by admin on 6:17 AM

I am assuming you have heard somewhere about a “drop set” and how it has so many great benefits. So what is a drop set? A drop set consists of doing an exercise at a certain weight, let’s say bench press at 185 pounds. So after you do whatever amount of reps you are doing […]

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This bodyweight workout video is designed to increase your heart rate and burn a lot of calories. Because it is very high intensity make sure to follow the described rest time and reps of all the exercises to ensure that you are getting the most out of this workout. All you will need for this […]

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Below is the high intensity interval training workout video. This video consists of a great interval training workout to help you burn fat and get in great shape. For this high intensity interval training workout, you will be doing a series of sprints and plyometric exercises. Interval training workouts are great for fat loss and […]

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Leg And Ab Workout For Women

by admin on 6:36 AM

This leg and ab workout for women is a great workout. Add this ab and leg workout for women to your workout regimen to get that firm butt, flat abs, and toned legs. Listed below, for your convenience, is a written version of the leg and ab workout video. Utilize this leg and ab workout  […]

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Pull-Up and Push-Up Workout Video

by admin on 6:35 AM

This pull-up and push-up workout video is a great upper body workout and is a really effective way to get a strong upper body workout with minimal weights. This body weight workout is very intense and if at point during the workout you need to take a break, take it. If you are unable to […]

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Weight Loss Workout For Women

by admin on 6:34 AM

This weight loss workout for women is a great fat burning, upper body workout. It will target all of your upper body muscles, including chest, back, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Add this fat loss workout to your current workout regimen for great results. If you need a full workout plan, check out the women’s workouts […]

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This power leg workout for men (women can definitely perform this workout as well) will really push your legs to the max. It is a combination of plyometric exercises and leg exercises. It is very important that you do not do more then the assessed amount of repetitions for the plyometric exercises. If you do […]

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Intense Ab Workout Video

by admin on 6:29 AM

This intense ab workout is a great core strengthening workout. This workout is designed to do with a partner so if if you have a partner, then you have an ab workout! Actually, you will also need a medicine ball and an elastic band (almost all gyms have them). This abs workout consists of very […]

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Great Abs Workout Video

by admin on 6:28 AM

This is a great abs workout that will really push your abs to the limit. It consists of a series of 5 supersets of ab exercises. A superset of abdominal exercises means to do multiple abs exercises back to back with no rest between each of the individual core exercises. This will be explained further […]

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