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Tough Mudder Workout!

by admin on 6:54 AM

This workout is designed to help you get ready for the tough mudder course, which is one of the most intense obstacle course series on the planet. This event is hosted in cities across the U.S. and Canada and some other parts of the world. The tough mudder workout is a very intense exercise workout, […]


This chest and triceps workout is a strength workout designed to really increase your overall strength. For reference to the different rep schemes and their effects on the muscles, click here: Rep Schemes. It is very important that you take the specified rests in-between sets for optimum effectiveness of this chest and triceps workout for strength. Since this […]


Killer Back Workout For Mass

by admin on 7:03 AM

This a hypertrophy back workout designed to build mass. The effects of a hypertrophy workout are explained in detail in the Rep Schemes article.  In summary, though, when you lift in the hypertrophy phase, your muscle cells will get bigger, and thus you, it will cause you to gain a lot of size and strength. […]


Intense Chest Workout For Mass

by admin on 6:19 AM

This intense chest workout for mass is designed to build mass for your chest. It is a hypertrophy workout so it will cause you to build size. Also included, at the end of the workout, is 4 sets of pushups. Pushups are a great way to finish the workout and give you a great pump. […]


This upper body/lower body split workout routine is a 4 day split working out upper body one day and lower body the other. This is one of my favorite workout routines as it allows you to work every muscle group twice a week. This 4 day upper body/lower body split workout routine is in the […]

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 This full body workout routine is a great workout for beginners trying to prepare their bodies for more intense workouts in the future. When lifting, the muscles tend to grow and get stronger at a faster rate than the tendons and ligaments, which is why there tends to be such big gains during the first […]


Crossfit Training Workout

by admin on 2:10 AM

For those of you who don’t know what crossfit is, it is a new kind of workout that is becoming quite popular. It is a very fast paced and intense workout that is fun, competitive, and demanding. It requires all out physical exertion combining movements such as sprinting, rowing, jumping, bodyweight exercises, weight lifting, and […]


This workout will really test you as it is extremely intense. It is designed to get you ripped and in shape as it will demand a lot from you from a cardiovascular standpoint. Make sure to take as few breaks as possible during this countdown workout. Also included in addition to the countdown workout are […]