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8 Surprising Cordyceps Mushroom Benefits (From A Nutritionist)

Cordyceps mushrooms are great for boosting immunity, preventing cancer, and improving exercise performance. As a health coach and personal trainer – and someone who loves researching – I take these mushrooms personally and absolutely love the bo[...]

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best medicinal mushrooms for Sleep

Best Medicinal Mushrooms for Sleep

Based on exciting new research, medicinal mushrooms--like reishi and Lion’s Mane--can provide that much needed solid night’s sleep. Read more here.

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12 Hours Intermittent Fasting

12:12 Intermittent Fasting Plan: A Practical Guide.

I have tried almost every other type of intermittent fasting method that is there, and after I told you my story with OMAD fasting, how I started with 16:8 intermittent fasting, and what do I think of 5:2 IF plan. It is time for a practical guid[...]

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4 Best Medicine Balls For Killer Home Workouts

In this article I’m going to run through the different medicine ball types, tell you what each is best for and which ones you should buy (and why).

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Best Resistance Tubes & Bands

3 Best Resistance Tubes & Bands (That Are Also Affordable)

Dive into what kind of exercise tubes and bands you need and why, and the different strengths and use cases for each one. Click here to learn more.

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Buying Used Fitness Equipment

Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Used Fitness Equipment

Are you tired of overpaying for new fitness equipment, only to sell it a few months later? Read our guide on how to save money and find great quality used workout equipment here.

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tire workouts

4 Tire Workouts Guaranteed To Kick Your ASS!

If you’re looking for some tire workouts that will kick your butt, I am going to go over 4 in this article that will have you so dead, you’ll be simultaneously cursing and thanking yourself that you came across this article.

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best airbike workouts

3 Best Air Bike Workouts Under 29 Minutes (From A Personal Trainer)

In this article, we show you a few different Air Bike workouts that will transform your fitness and conditioning in less than 29 minutes.

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home gym setups

11 Best (& Creative) Home Gym Setups To Blow Your Mind

Read about 11 creative home gym ideas that fit a wide range of spaces and budget with the goal of giving you ideas and inspiration for your home gym.

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womens workout plan

Best 7 Day Workout Plan For Women

Click to explore our amazing 7 day workout plan for women. You won't want to miss this fat burning exercise plan.

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advanced womens workout plan

The Best Weight Training Program For Women [Updated 2021]

Try this 7 day advanced workout plan for women and you'll be amazing at the results.

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beginner workout plan

Best Muscle Building Workout Plan For Beginners

If you're new to working out, this lifting regimen is absolutely perfect for you. Click to see more.

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