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tire workouts

4 Tire Workouts Guaranteed To Kick Your ASS!

If you’re looking for some tire workouts that will kick your butt, I am going to go over 4 in this article that will have you so dead, you’ll be simultaneously cursing and thanking yourself that you came across this article.

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best airbike workouts

3 Best Air Bike Workouts Under 29 Minutes (From A Personal Trainer)

In this article, we show you a few different Air Bike workouts that will transform your fitness and conditioning in less than 29 minutes.

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does cardio burn muscle

Does Cardio Burn Muscle? The Answer May Suprise You[…]

I hear from a lot of people that they think doing cardio “burns” muscle. And as a result, avoid adding cardio to their workout regimens because they would rather add size and strength. But does this logic hold up? In this article, I go over cardiovascular exercise’s effect on muscle gain and if there is […]

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best time to do cardio

When’s the Best Time to Do Cardio and Weight Lifting

This is something that I have often struggled with. I perform weight lifting and cardio 5-6 times per week. I love weight lifting, but being that I am a college basketball player, performing cardio is just as important if not more important than weight lifting. The optimal answer to the question of the best time […]

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running in the morning

Is the Morning the Best Time to do Cardio

You have probably heard all sorts of things in regards to the best time to do cardio. You have probably heard some people say that the best time to do cardio is first thing in the morning before you eat because it burns fat the best. You have probably also heard that after you consume […]

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benefits of cardio

Benefits of Cardio Exercise

According to the Mayo Clinic, cardio exercises are exercises that increase your heart rate and are aerobic. The American Heart Association explains cardio exercises involve the repetitive, steady of movement of one’s legs and arms. Cardio exercises are great for your health and are a great way to burn calories to stay in shape. Cardio […]

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