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how long should I workout for

To Meet Your Fitness Goals, How Long Should You Workout For?

So you are into working out and you are wondering to yourself: How long should you workout for? There is no right answer to this question as it varies from person to person and fitness level. It also varies in regards to what you are doing and how intense your workouts are. This [...]

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how many times a week should I work out?

How Many Times a Week Should I Work Out

So you’re new to weight lifting or you have been lifting for a while now and are still a little confused about how much you should be working out. You are asking yourself the question of “How many times a week should I work out to achieve my fitness goals?” and [...]

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workout routine

How to Stay Motivated to Workout

Consistently staying motivated to anything in life is a constant struggle. We have so many things in our lives that we want to accomplish and often times, we end up becoming overwhelmed and complete nothing. Between work and kids and family and the many other stresses that w[...]

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5 Health Benefits of Stretching [Science-Backed Guide]

Stretching is often overlooked by most fitness enthusiasts and even athletes. With time being such a valuable resource, many people consider stretching to be a waste of time. What many people fail to realize all the many health benefits of stretching exercises and how stretching [...]

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the afterburn effect

The Science Behind The Exericse Afterburn Effect [Updated 2021]

Does burning calories while doing nothing sound too good to be true? Well, it shouldn’t! Thanks to an effect called Exercise Post-Exercise Consumption (EPOC), your body continues to burn calories after you finish. In this article, we will discuss exactly what the exercise a[...]

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genetic fitness potential

Genetic Potential

Enjoy the process. So often in life, we are in a mad sprint to get to the finish line when really there is no finish line. Let me rephrase. There shouldn’t be a finish line, especially in regards to fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition.  It’s a process. From my experiences, I hav[...]

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