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anatomical adaptation

Anatomical Adaptation: A Workout For Beginners

 This full body workout routine is a great workout for beginners trying to prepare their bodies for more intense workouts in the future. When lifting, the muscles tend to grow and get stronger at a faster rate than the tendons and ligaments, which is why there tends to be such bi[...]

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crossfit training

Crossfit Training Workout

For those of you who don’t know what CrossFit is, it is a new kind of workout that is becoming quite popular. It is a very fast-paced and intense workout that is fun, competitive, and demanding. It requires all-out physical exertion combining movements such as sprinting, ro[...]

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ab workout

Countdown Workout With Killer Ab Exercises

This workout will really test you as it is extremely intense. It is designed to get you ripped and in shape as it will demand a lot from you from a cardiovascular standpoint. Make sure to take as few breaks as possible during this countdown workout. Also included in addition to t[...]

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genetic fitness potential

Genetic Potential

Enjoy the process. So often in life, we are in a mad sprint to get to the finish line when really there is no finish line. Let me rephrase. There shouldn’t be a finish line, especially in regards to fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition.  It’s a process. From my experiences, I hav[...]

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