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best type of creatine

What Is The Best Type Of Creatine On The Market (Backed by Science)

Looking for the best creatine option? In this article, we go over 4 types, the science behind them, and much much more.

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benefits of breast feeding

What Are The Benefits of Breastfeeding A Baby

Are you trying to decide if breastfeeding is right for you? Mothers around the world are divided over this issue, and the truth is that it is a personal choice that you have to make for yourself. If you are wondering if the benefits of breastfeeding for your child is truly worth it, consider these […]

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health benefits of drinking water

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

  Throughout your life, I am sure that you have been told to drink water because it is healthier. But what are the health benefits of drinking water? Most people are severely dehydrated and are lacking adequate water consumption. Listed below are 10 health benefits of drinking water. 10 Benefits Of Drinking Water 1. Health […]

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L-Glutamine Heal Leaky Gut

Does L-Glutamine Heal Leaky Gut? Here’s What The Science Says…

In this article, we’re going to deep dive into the research around L-Glutamine and whether or not the science backs it’s ability to heal leaky gut. Read to learn more...

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everything you need to know about intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting: The Definitive Guide

In this ultimate guide to all things fasting, we’ll tell you everything about what intermittent fasting is, what it does to your body, and the benefits and side effects you might see.

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Omega Fatty Acids

What You Need To Know About Omega Fatty Acids [Updated 2022]

Fat is no longer the evil, weight-gain-causing macronutrient it was once believed to be. In fact, certain types of fats are incredibly healthy and can actually help lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease. In this article, we will go over the healthiest fats that need to be part of your diet: omega 3 fatty acids […]

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best medicinal mushrooms for Sleep

Best Medicinal Mushrooms for Sleep, According To A Nutritionist

Based on exciting new research, medicinal mushrooms--like reishi and Lion’s Mane--can provide that much needed solid night’s sleep. Read more here.

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16:8 fasting

16/8 Leangains Protocol | Beginners Guide To Intermittent Fasting

This article takes you on a journey to explore intermittent fasting. Learn everything you need to know about 16:8 fasting.

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what are natural flavors

What Does Natural Flavors Mean And Why You May Want To Avoid Them

Natural flavors appear to be everywhere on ingredient labels, but what exactly are they? Learn more by clicking here.

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