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What is health? If you ask this question to 100 different people, you’ll more than likely get 100 different health tips. The reason for this is that health is an opinion. What I deem to be eating healthy, someone else may completely disagree and say that it is not eating healthy. A perfect example of this is shown with meat eaters and vegetarians. Many people believe that eating a vegetarian diet is “healthier” than eating a meat-based one. One of my nutrition teachers back in college actually advocated eating meat as a primary food source while another said to limit meat intake as much as possible. If I were to be in a debate I could come up with an argument for each to be the “healthier” side. For me, personally, I love meat and I think meat is a very healthy component to one’s diet. I do strongly believe that in order for meat to be healthy, the meat itself has to be healthy and come from a quality source.  My personal belief on health is that everything eaten should be a whole food and that when it comes to food, technology should serve as little role as possible. I have made some guidelines and health tips for my own life that I try to follow regarding the foods I choose to consume, and in this article I will list what these personal health tips for eating healthy are. You can choose to agree, disagree, or possibly learn a few tips.

Learn how to eat healthy with these great health tips

Health Tip #1. Do Your Own Research

  • This is one of my favorite health tips. Do your own research. When you see an infomercial about this new fad diet or pill that has amazing results, do your own research. Go online and read about it. If you buy some food and see some claims on the container deeming the food to be eating healthy, go read about that particular food and see if it is really eating healthy.  There are some marketing experts out there that really know how to play on the minds of customers and are able to trick them into believing a product is something it is not. Don’t be that ignorant customer! There are tons of sources, whether it be online or in the library, there are tons of information about virtually every topic, including all kinds of health tips for eating healthy.

Health Tip #2. If you can’t find it anywhere in nature, chances are it’s not healthy.

  • I don’t know anywhere in nature where you can find protein powder hanging from a tree or a Splenda packet falling from the sky. These foods are not real foods and I don’t believe there is any reason for them to be consumed. I’m a slight hypocrite because I enjoy an occasional protein shake after a workout and I used to consume protein shakes regularly, but I try to avoid them when possible. And if protein shakes are unavoidable to you, try consuming protein shakes with the purest, most natural form of protein and the least amount of ingredients. I am big advocate of plant-based protein powders such as hemp or different vegetable blends. If you’re reading an ingredient list and the ingredient list is like a book, chances are it has a lot of garbage ingredients in it, which leads me to the next reason of:

Health Tip #3. If you feel like you’re reading a short story when you’re reading the ingredient list, chances are it’s not eating healthy.

  • Although not always true, I find a huge part of a food being part of eating healthy to be having minimal ingredients. There are obviously many nutritious foods that have a lot of ingredients in them and very non-nutritious foods that have few ingredients, but when I see foods with a short list of ingredients I consider it a plus.

Health Tip #4. If the food being consumed has ingredients in it that seem like a foreign language, chances are it’s not a healthy option.

  • There are so many times in an ingredient label where an average human being would have no idea of what any of the ingredients actually are. Many products are filled with preservatives and chemicals and food dyes that are like toxins to our bodies and are the opposite of eating healthy.

Health Tip #5 Fast Food is a No-No

  •  In my opinion, fast food (well most fast food places because there are some good ones) is the worst thing anyone could put in their bodies. It’s covered in oil and grease, the quality of meat is terrible, and everything is pre-packaged. Most fast food has little to no nutritional value and should be consumed only as a last resort. I do, however, consider many fast food places to be healthier choices depending on what you get (I love, love, love Chipotle!) Eliminating fast food can mean the world of difference as you continue eating healthy.

Health Tips #6 Fruits and vegetables!!

– Many foods have been debated and are controversial but two things that have withstood time and all research in regards to eating healthy are fruits and vegetables. They are “god’s” gift to us and are the most nutritious foods on the planet.

Follow these health tips and change your life around for the better!

Daniel Maman

Daniel is a certified personal trainer (ACE), has a Bachelors of Science degree in Sports, Exercise, and Wellness, and spends his free time keeping up to date with the latest research in health and fitness. In his free time, you can find him playing basketball, doing muay thai, camping, traveling, reading, and eating tomatoes like they're apples.

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