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Intense ab workout hanging leg twists Best Core Workout | Intense Ab WorkoutBelow is the intense ab workout. This workout will really engage the core and I personally consider it to be the overall best core workout. This is an advanced abs workout that will push your abdominal to the limit. This core workout consists of a circuit of 6 ab exercises. Perform each ab exercise until failure, rest 45 seconds, then perform the next core exercise of the circuit. After completing the circuit, take a 1 minute break before repeating the circuit of ab exercises over again. Complete 2-4 circuits of the core exercises, depending on your fitness level. If you feel like your form is starting to go bad and that you feel like you cannot continue then stop. Rest for a little bit and go at it again. This will prevent injury and allow you to work out your core more effectively. You will feel this workout in your entire core as well as your hip flexors and arms (from hanging). To really get the most out of this workout, make sure to keep your abdominal completely tight and flexed throughout the duration of the workout. By flexing your core, you will ensure that your abs are firing and that they are the primary muscle group being worked.

Watch Below For The Best Core Workout


So to make it easier to perform the workout on your own, the exercises for this intense ab workout are below. Simply write them down on a piece of scrap paper and go to the gym and try out the workout for yourself!

The ab exercises:
Ab exercise 1 – Batmans
Ab exercise 2 – Hanging Leg Twists
Ab exercise 3 – Hanging Knee Ups
Ab exercise 4- Hanging Leg Raises
Ab exercise 5 – Hanging Oblique Ups
Ab exercise 6 – Hanging Bicycles

If you have any questions regarding this core workout, do not hesitate to ask!

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